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Praise for our app

5 purple stars

Marty B.

Easy but brilliant concept!

Managing a charity and a sporting group was always challenging with fundraising in trying to keep them separate but then I found iSponsor and a whole new world opened. Everyday day shopping became a fundraise! Folks could help without having to dip into their pockets for those extra donations; it’s a win-win!

5 purple stars

Rick T.

Guilt-Free Shopping!

We use this for our family shopping and it’s already giving to a charity we usually donate to monthly. Loving that we can see what’s been donated and other people who are doing the same thing.

5 purple stars

Josh M.

Innovative, simple & ingenious!

Already love this app and I’ve had it 4 and a half minutes. Was hooked by the concept, but the interface of the app has blown me away. Big fan and excited to be on board.

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