Giving communities the tools to thrive.

A culture of innovation forged out of adversity.

Giving made easy.

Turning everyday spending into fundraising dollars.

Creating empowered groups.

Year-round grassroots fundraising.

Connecting business and communities.

Growing your business through social responsibility.

Fundraising revolutionised.

iSponsor is a shopping gateway that serves as a fundraising and sponsorship platform for groups and businesses. We turn everyday spending into fundraising dollars.

Where it started

A love
of sport

A passion
for community

A focus on
tech for good

A belief in
grassroots change


“To be the bridge that connects groups and businesses. We strive to give communities the tools to thrive through our innovative and powerful fundraising platform.”

Our Team

Richard Siganto

Founder & CEO

“As a kid growing up below the poverty line, I was ashamed that we couldn’t afford the right school books, play sports and a tertiary education was a dream that people from my neighbourhood would never experience. iSponsor is my gift to society that will hopefully help kids growing up in those neighbourhoods play more sport, study harder, not be embarrassed and strive for opportunities that they didn’t feel they could.”

Liam Roach

General Manager

“Becoming a part of iSponsor has allowed me to grow as a person and leader. As well as provided us with an opportunity to make a significant impact in the sporting world, which is something that is close to my heart.”

Matt Gilbert

GM Philanthropy

“iSponsor is the absolute dream workplace. An innovative start-up where no 2 days are the same; combined with the opportunity to make a significant difference to organisations and causes all around the world. The platform is a revolution and a no-brainer for anyone serious about optimising their giving.”

Gemma Adelman

Marketing & Communications Manager

“From a passion of using social development to make a positive impact in our society to being in a dynamic work environment, iSponsor was a perfect fit. Working with a fun and dedicated team, knowing that we are using technology for good, inspires me daily to share the iSponsor platform with the world.”

Tess Herrick-Egerton

Adminstration Manager

“Joining iSponsor was the easiest decision! It makes me extremely proud to work for an organisation that assists local grassroots clubs, charities, P&C’s and Not for Profit organisations. We are truly making a difference in Australia!”

Damien Casey

Client Success Manager

“Sport has been a part of me since I learned how to walk.
The chance to work with the sports I love and help organisations better themselves financially is rewarding. The simplicity of the app for people is mind blowing, not only to use, but what it can do for organisations.”

Kyron Cole

Client Success Manager

“I love working at iSponsor because sport provides positive opportunities for kids. If we can make sport more accessible for everyone regardless of their circumstance we can play our part in keeping kids involved and out of trouble.”

Samantha Murdoch

Head Designer

“The opportunity to work with an organisation like iSponsor that has so many benefits for the community is so fantastic. Working with such a driven and thoughtful team makes it all the more rewarding. I love turning their values and mission into brand visuals that really amplify the message of iSponsor.”

A word from
our CEO

Richard Siganto, CEO

We value

Community is at the core of iSponsor. The groups we serve foster a sense of belonging, a feeling of support and a desire to make the world a better and safer place. When we grow communities, we create more opportunities for those that are often left behind. We rise up together.

We value

For iSponsor, giving goes far beyond sponsorship dollars. For us, giving is about a generous spirit, a desire to care for others and giving back to the communities that have been an integral part of all our lives.

We value

Our mission is to give our communities the tools to thrive. From providing financial support to our groups, giving a platform to our businesses to create a meaningful impact in their communities, and allowing our app users to become philanthropic at no extra cost to them. Empowered communities are confident, self-determined and sustainable.

We value

At its core, iSponsor is a tech company that believes in innovation for good. We believe that technology and innovative thinking can find solutions to some of the biggest challenges faced in the world today. iSponsor’s digital fundraising platform means that we are able to help grow stronger communities that can withstand the challenges to come.

We value

iSponsor works because we believe in collaboration; we work alongside our groups, businesses and members to achieve success. The iSponsor team extends beyond the walls of our offices; we are there in your committee meetings, we play on your fields and we are by your side volunteering. We know that iSponsor is only as strong as our community.

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