Grow your brand awareness & positively influence your community.

iSponsor is here to help grow your local businesses footprint

Grow your business

With iSponsor you will have a new captive audience from the clubs and organisations that you
partner with. This will create more revenue and brand loyalty from these customers.

Building community loyalty

When your business supports local clubs and charitable organisations, these customers will become more invested in your business’ success.

Sponsored before?

iSponsor is a brand new way of sponsoring sporting clubs, we want to hear what you loved and hated from your previous engagement with your local sporting clubs.

We aren’t just for the mainstream sports

From checkers to chess, ballet to basketball. We’re about all sports. Let iSponsor know the kinds of sports you want your business to sponsor.

Businesses with multiple locations

If you have multiple locations, that’s fantastic! We can connect you with like-minded sporting clubs from every area that your business is in.

Grow your business network

It isn’t just about having more customers and driving more revenue. iSponsor is about growing your professional networks.

Grow community awareness of your business and expand your customer base.

Register Your Interest

The iSponsor cycle, helping you & the community.

iSponsor is committed to seeing your business grow along with the greater community.

Businesses sign up to sponsor a local club through iSponsor

Your business signs up to sponsor clubs of your choosing or clubs that we help connect you with.

Club members shop at your small business

Your new audience will be invested to shop at your business, they want to see the club prosper.

One of a kind marketing platform

Not only do you have a new audience for your business physically, but iSponsor will also provide you with a marketing platform to be able to push specials and promotions to your new audience.

iSponsor is committed to healthier, happier & more sustainable communities.

Of 2.8 million children aged 5 to 14 years, 1.7 million (60%) participated in at least one organised sport outside of school hours. iSponsor wants to make sure that these sporting clubs are around for years to come with the support of your businesses.

Families are more inclined to shop at your local business to ensure the success of their sporting club.

Does your business love a certain sport? Been involved with clubs in the past? We want to hear from you and how we can help get you back involved with the sports you love and the local community.

iSponsor wants to strengthen community ties. The old way of sponsorship is over. This is the future.

Read more about the benefits of getting involved with your local community.

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Does iSponsor cost anything?

No, the iSponsor platform is 100% free for local businesses, sporting clubs and charitable organisations to use.

I own a small business, what's in it for me?

Your business will benefit two-fold by signing up with iSponsor. You will get access to new audiences from the sporting clubs and charitable organisations you choose to sponsor. You will also reach more members of the community who want to see local businesses like yours grow, and thrive!

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