Local team sponsorship offers a great opportunity for small businesses. Whether you consider a sponsorship a charitable contribution or a form of advertising, this mutually beneficial relationship can be profitable for both parties. While the team will benefit from the funding provided by the business, the business can benefit in a number of ways. As well as the sales generated by local club members coming to your business through iSponsor, you will also generate a positive word of mouth and trust.

Benefits of Local Team Sponsorship

1. Boost Brand Awareness

Sponsorship packages with iSponsor offer local businesses a direct connection with the community, by allocating 10% of sales generated by local sporting club members back to the club. The most significant boost in brand awareness is the exposure you get to the youth sports club market. This includes parents, coaches, organisers, players as well as team supporters that will see your brand, and see it as one that supports the local community.

2. Differentiation and Emotional Connection

Building a relationship with the youth sports club market gives players, parents, friends and administrators a positive outlook on your brand and business model. This emotional connection generated by local team sponsorship improves the community opinion by allowing them to view your business as reliable and reputable. It also generates positive word of mouth marketing.

3. Engage Your Audience

Consumers have a tendency to tune out traditional forms of advertising in today’s crowded media marketplace. Marketing your brand as a youth sports sponsor can mean people to identify your business as more sensitive and engaged than competitors. Most people prefer to support companies that are giving back to the community.

4. Build Attractive Content

Local team sponsorships are extremely compatible with content creation, especially using social media. A sporting game can bring about many content ideas for photos, quotes, videos, and blogs. The real-time sharing of content also encourages viewers to watch the match after it happens, creating more engagement.

5. Support Sales

When you attend an event, you have the opportunity to build quality relationships with those around you. When you talk to people involved with the club about how your business is supporting the sport, the wider community of parents, friends, and players may then choose to shop at your business over others in the area. Even if this doesn’t immediately result in more sales, implementing a long-term strategy to leverage these relationships will.

Sponsor a Local Team Today with iSponsor

Local team sponsorship provides the support needed for young athletes and players to excel. Allow them to focus solely on the training and development of their team, and get started with iSponsor today. Get in touch to find out more.