iSponsor is dedicated to helping sports clubs thrive on local support. Unfortunately, sports clubs often lack the financial stability to keep them and their young athletes strong. Sports team sponsorship is a great way to help children boost their sporting performance as it puts money into the club to buy necessary resources and become well-known in the community. 

It can be quite a challenge for sports clubs to find local businesses willing to sponsor them. This is because the benefits aren’t always immediately obvious to the business owner (although, businesses get great benefits from local team sponsorship!)

To make sponsorship easy and accessible for everyone involved, iSponsor connects local businesses and clubs interested in sponsorship. This allows for simple, mutually beneficial partnerships to be made, and supports local communities in the process. This process is 100% free, making it simple to match your club to many small businesses in your area that is looking to sponsor a local team.

How iSponsor Helps You to Run a Successful Club

sports team sponsorship

iSponsor’s main goal is to support communities and keep our young people healthy and happy through sport.

In order for children to have the opportunity to develop their skills, they need a well-run club and supportive environment. Sports team sponsorship can facilitate everything required for a thriving club, and thriving athletes by:


1. Saving you search time

By making sponsorship simple, organisers can spend their time working with athletes, organising competitions and making improvements to the club instead of searching for a business to sponsor them. 


2. Build your local network

Just by getting your club’s name in front of local businesses, your club wins! The local community gets to learn who you are and what your club is about. This means they’re much more likely to come and support your games, sign-up with the club (as a volunteer, player or official), and also refer you to friends and families for sponsorship opportunities!


3. Improve your facilities & equipment with extra cash

Through regular use, sporting equipment can begin to wear down. It’s hard for players to thrive if they can only get their hands on a deflated ball, for example. With iSponsor, when families of players spend their money with small businesses, 9% of that gets redirected straight back into the club. This encourages informed spending, to support both local businesses and the clubs of those they care about. 


4. Hire specialist coaches

Sports clubs often rely on volunteer coaches. However, with extra funds, your club can hire a specialist coach (temporarily or permanently) to help further develop player skill-sets. They also have the opportunity to up-skill their current coaches, so they can teach better techniques and see bigger improvements.


5. Attract new players and grow 

It’s fairly simple. If your club is thriving, other players will want to join. With more players, your teams can keep learning and your club will grow!


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